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Hug enemies until they become your friend! Well, try anyway.  *they don't like hugs*.    In this game you convert enemies into friends who fight with you!  Both enemies and friends can be used as projectiles AND if you time it just right you can even wall jump off of an enemy jumping at you in mid air!

  • "L1" to Grab friend or foe ! Pro tip, get the baddies from their happy side.
  • "R1" to throw'em !
  • Jump
  • Dash
  • Wall jump (time your jump from the wall while moving the left stick in the direction you want to jump)
  • Super jump if you can time the dash and jump buttons right; great way to get around!
  • The game is designed to have a steep difficulty curve towards the last few enemigos.  It's tons of fun once you get good with the controls.
  • Press the Pause button for some of these tips "In-game".

The button mappings were made for a PS4 controller (DS4), which is just plug and play on any recent computer.  (you can remap before the game as well, look for the "Input tab" in the Unity startup menu).

Tools and Resources:

A game made by the coolest game dev dad east of the Mississippi. 

Jerry  Aviles 


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